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ICCR 2024 - ROUND 5

Mondello Park announces 2023 Junior Mini Scholarship

Mondello Park are pleased to announce details of the 2023 Patch Tyre Equipment Junior Mini Scholarship, where one budding racing driver will win a fully funded season in the 2023 Patch Tyre Equipment Junior Mini Challenge. The Challenge will be an integral part of the ICCR package and the winner can look forward to unrivalled exposure to fans, media and sponsors throughout their maiden year in car racing.. 

Want to know how to apply? Make sure to read this release right to the end.

This fantastic prizes available to applicants include:

  • Use of a Mini Cooper race car for the 2023 season
  • Entry fees for the whole season
  • Free Motorsport Ireland Licence test at Mondello Park
  • Fees paid for Mondello Park ICCR test days

New for 2023 is the announcement of prizes for the 2nd & 3rd place finishers in the scholarship. The runner-up will receive entry fees for the whole season if they compete in the championship. The third-place driver will receive fees paid for the Mondello Park ICCR test days for the 2023 season if they compete in the championship.

Date & Venue 

The competition is due to take place at Mondello Park on 11th February 2023 at the end of which the winner will be announced. 

Day Format
Each participant will complete three assessments on the day including media, Sim driving
and a driving assessment with an instructor.

Media – Presenting yourself professionally to the media is an essential skill at all levels of motorsport. The Patch Tyre Equipment Junior Mini Challenge will be heavily promoted across all media channels and drivers are often interviewed straight after the race when the adrenaline is pumping, so being able to communicate well and in a likeable but professional manner is a necessary trait.

Driving – Driving is the main part of the assessment for the Scholarship, holding 60% of the weighting. It is advised that drivers prepare for the driving assessment adequately to give themselves the best possible chance of progressing through the competition. As a minimum, drivers should be able to use a car with a clutch prior to arrival.
All Participants will have a track session alongside a professional instructor in the Mondello Park Mazda 3 cars, during which they will be assessed on the following areas and not solely on lap time:

  • Ability to drive safely at speed
  • Car control skills
  • Ability to change gear
  • Willingness to learn from the instructor
  • Progression through the sessions

Sim – With Mondello Park having a close working relationship with onsite Sim company,
Digital Motorsports, applicants will compete in a virtual competition to demonstrate
their racing prowess against each other.

Do I need to have my own race kit and racing car?
No. Drivers who do not own their own kit should wear a long-sleeved top, trousers and suitable footwear. Mondello Park will have a limited number of helmets available on the day to borrow. All the cars are provided as part of the competition.

Do I need to have a race licence to take part in the Scholarship?
No. There are no specific licence requirements to take part in the Scholarship.

Do I need to have any specific experience to take part?
No. Competitors are not required to have any specific experience in any form of racing. We do recommend that successful applicants have at least had practice driving a car with a clutch. Scholarship is open to newcomers only.
Drivers who previously raced in the championship are not eligible to apply for the scholarship day.

What happens if the Scholarship is oversubscribed?
With such a fantastic prize available to the winner, Mondello Park envisage that they will receive a huge amount of applications. With the limited time available to assess an applicant on the day the organisers will if required shortlist candidates on the day. So please be aware that your application does not give you an automatic right to attend on the day. Mondello Park will advise all applicants if they have been selected or not for the assessment day.